Masifunde means “Let us Learn!” in isiXhosa.

It symbolises the hunger for education and knowledge among the children and youth of South Africa’s disadvantaged communities; an outcry for access to quality education and for fair chances in life! To meet these educational needs in the highest possible quality drives our team on a daily basis.

“Let us Learn!” also describes us as a learning organisation. We do need to continuously monitor and evaluate our work, and be mature enough to admit if some of our interventions might not show the intended results. As much as everyone in our team remains a life-long learner, also Masifunde itself must continue to learn and grow!

Therefore, we took two weeks out of our busy schedules to meet in conclave. Team and board members from South Africa and Germany worked together with Masifunde’s management to review all organisational aspects. We walked out with a streamlined organisation: fresh structures, new program and organogram: Ready for tomorrow!

We founded masi consult (Pty) ltd, short “mCon”, a non-profit consultancy owned by Masifunde which will implement all work around the replication of programmes outside Walmer Township, the systematic sharing of our knowledge through trainings for NGOs. All our educational work within Walmer Township remains under the umbrella of Masifunde Learner Development NPC: our holistic interventions for learners from age 3 to 35, as well as our fruitful partnerships with the pre-, primary- and high-schools of the community.

We are extremely positive about the coming months and years and are very excited to see the new developments unfold and all the beautiful results to come of many lives changed.

Keep on learning!

On behalf of the Board of Directors

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