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The Non-Profit Sector is playing a central role in the development of South Africa’s formerly disadvantaged and today impoverished communities. The sector tries to render services in an environment which is often not attractive for the profit sector and which mostly gets neglected by the public sector. Most public sectors, whether it is public works, health or education seem to underperform in the communities and are often simply dysfunctional.

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You are running an established NPO and are looking for some fresh input, safe space to reflect and exchange ideas and solutions with like-minded folk? Contact us to join our quarterly Directors’ Forum.
Directors’ Forum 2020 dates released: 31.1., 22.5., 21.8., 30.10.!

Leaders of emerging NPOs invited to sign up for our annual NPO leadership cycle. We share our experience from 15 years of NPO management: Learn how to fundraise, write proposals and report, how to manage your funds and your team, how to design impactful programmes and how to measure and share the impact… this and more, not only in our workshops but also with a personal mentor. Sign up now!