The Non-Profit Sector is playing a central role in the development of South Africa’s disadvantaged and impoverished communities. The sector tries to render services in an environment which is not attractive for the profit sector and which too often gets neglected by the public sector.

Many newly established, and in general small and medium sized NPOs often find themselves overwhelmed by the needs of their communities and beneficiaries, the state’s legal requirements, as well as the expectations of funders, stakeholders and their own team. The lack of management know-how, shortage of well-trained staff and the lack of resources to simply bring in the professional expertise, make it virtually impossible to see such organisations grow sustainably and survive the first years of their existence.

Even though NPOs play a crucial role in South Africa’s society, the general conditions for NPOs are rather cumbersome than conducive to build a sustainable and impactful organisation. The harsh reality is, that there are hardly any support structures available. Every NPO has to grow through a similar path of trial and error – some succeed, others don’t.

For our impoverished communities this means that a lot of potential support and capacity for positive change vanishes along the way. Too much energy gets lost in trial and error instead of investing it where it is needed most: On the ground in the implementation of quality programmes and life-changing services in our communities.

To counteract this deficit, mCon offers consultancy services, trainings and coaching to leaders and staff of NPOs in an innovative and practical manner.