directors forum

With an increase of organisational size, leaders of NPOs find themselves confronted with a different set of challenges. While the organisation might now have most of its ducks in a row and basic funding secured for some years to follow, the challenges faced are less of a day-to-day survival but become more of a holistic and strategic nature. The organisation now strives for excellence to be of high impact, with replicable models implemented by an advanced and fairly remunerated team.

The pressure is high and to maintain an organisation on such a level asks for constant performance of management. Leaders of such NPOs seldomly need specific training on tools and methods, but long for quality exchange on eye-level and inspiration through good- and best practise examples.

mCon offers such leaders a quarterly directors forum to exchange with like-minded experienced non-profit leaders from the wider educational field on similar level of organisational development.

In the centre of each session is one specific case study of a best practise example of one relevant topic, such as HR Management, Fundraising, M&E, Programme, replication, etc. Prior to the forum meeting, mCon visits the respective case study for a one-day field trip, accompanied by a local camera team. The visit gets captured in a short 5-min documentary consisting of some brief impressions of the organisation’s setting and programmes, and short interviews on site.

During the directors forum, the representative of the case study (e.g. CEO of an NPO) gives a brief input followed by an interview and discussion. The produced video clip gets screened at the directors forum to make the experience more real and comprehensible. The video will be made available on the mCon website and youTube for the public, and the portrayed NPO may use it for marketing purposes. This is an incentive for the NPO to participate.

The directors forum meets on eye-level, every participant is encouraged to share their experiences and approaches on the session’s focus topic. The forum’s objective is to create a trusting and honest atmosphere which allows participants to share openly their success stories and receive input for their challenges and obstacles.

Participating directors are encouraged to become mentors for NPO leaders participating in the junior NPO leadership training. Those agreeing to become mentors will receive mentoring guidance from mCon after each directors forum. They’d be remunerated with R 500 for each mentoring hours, capped at 10 hours per year.


Masifunde’s Changemaker Academy, 23 Witbooi Street, Walmer Township.


3 hours, Fridays, 9 – 12h00




14. February, 22. May, 21. August, 30. October 2020


mCon provides finger-food and refreshments free of charge


The sessions are hosted by mCon Director Jonas Schumacher and mCon senior trainer, Linda Zali