short courses for young professionals in the NPO sector

An organisation is only as good as its team members. The best concepts, programmes and ideas will not be of societal impact if the implementing team lacks basic workplace related skills. Many team members in the NPO sector come straight from university, college or even high school with little work experience. While the organisation can equip the team with the specific skills needed for a particular task, e.g. a curriculum, content or methodology, they usually lack time and capacity to equip their team with workplace related skills.

mCon offers short courses for young professionals from the NPO sector to ensure they can unleash their personal potential fully and contribute towards achieving organisational goals and objectives.

Courses offered in 2020 on quarterly basis:

Course 1Emotional Intelligence and Interpersonal Skills for young professionals in a workplace in the 21st century workplace
Course 2Office Administration and Etiquette in a workplace in the 21st century
Course 3Soft Skills to achieve career goals in a workplace (includes Time Management, Stress Management, and Networking)
Course 4Managing Finance: Personal and small-project budgets
Course 5Self-Management for productivity in a workplace
Course 6Facilitation and Presentation Training
Course 7Basic ICT for the workplace: MS-Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Outlook and tools to simplify your workflow


Masifunde’s Changemaker Academy, 23 Witbooi Street, Walmer Township.


16 hours each course

Tuesday – Fridays, 8h30 – 13h00




30min tea- and coffee-breaks with one cappuccino and muffin

A mutual lunch at the end of each day for networking and informal exchange.


All courses are based on tested, and approved workshop material, and are adjusted to the realities of the South African realities of young professionals in the non-profit sector.


Courses are not yet accredited.


Each participant receives a certificate, workshop manual and handouts.


Courses are implemented by a certified trainer.


R 800 per course, including handouts, manual, certificate and 4 days of catering

We will be offering the following four ICT courses in October


Workshop 1

07 - 09.10.2020, 8h00 - 11h00, MS Word

Workshop 2

14 - 16.10.2020, 8h00 - 11h00, MS Excel

Workshop 3

21 - 23.10.2020, 8h00 - 11h00, MS PowerPoint

Workshop 4

28 - 30.10.2020, 8h00 - 11h00, Computer tips & tricks