What often starts as a noble act of kindness, simple initiative of altruism and grace of charity soon requires some kind of formalisation and a non-profit-organisation (NPO) gets born!

Structures need to be developed, legalities and indemnities need to be considered, additional money needs to be raised, the public needs to get informed, and volunteers want to be integrated. And while the newly found NPO is still trying to get its ducks in a row, the expectations from the communities and public start to rise exponentially.

That’s when leaders of newly established NPOs often find themselves overwhelmed by the needs and expectations. And what started as a compassionate act of charity soon feels like a burden.

The lack of management- and sectoral know-how, and the lack of human- and monetary resources, make it virtually impossible to see such organisations grow sustainably and survive the first years of their existence.

mCon offers leaders of small and medium sized NPOs an innovative, practical learning journey in four workshop modules of each one week: an interactive, relevant and hands-on learning experience.



Participants are and feel empowered with practical tools and relevant know-how to strengthen their organisations systematically. 

Participants have identified the key focus areas within their organisation to increase sustainability and impact at the same time.

With the assistance of a mentor, the participants have successfully solved the most urgent challenges and closed the biggest gabs within their organisations.

Participants have an active network of supportive CEOs

Participants receive access to and qualify to apply for funding opportunities


Content Summary:

Week 1: Organisational Development and Strategic Planning

Week 2: Programme Design, Tools & Methods, Monitoring and Evaluation

Week 3: Fundraising and Financial Management

Week 4: Public Relations, Marketing and HR Management


Distinctive training features

The training comes with several short inputs followed by interactive group-work and discussions. Participants practise and implement content on their own organisations to ensure they leave with something tangible for they daily workload.

Each week of training has its own assessment tool which has to be done prior to the workshop, either alone, in partnership with relevant colleagues or board members. The results of the assessment form the foundation for the training and help to identify the main focus areas for each participant and his/her organisation.

Each NPO receives an experienced mentor who guides them through the weeks in between the workshop modules. Mentors are part of the mCon Directors Forum.

At the end of the training cycle, participants get introduced to potential funders and partners in a marketplace environment to allow participants to introduce their organisation on stage and in stalls.



Masifunde’s Changemaker Academy, 23 Witbooi Street, Walmer Township.


4 x one week: 4 x 30 workshop hours (120 hours in total)

Monday – Friday, 9h00 – 15h00


Each participant gets matched with an experienced mentor from the non-profit sector and has at least 10 mentoring hours in between the training sessions.


30 min tea- and coffee-break with one cappuccino and muffin

30 min mutual lunch


Training is not yet accredited.


Each participant receives a certificate, and relevant workshop handouts.


Courses are implemented by a certified trainer.


R 20.000 (50% DISCOUNT: R 10.000), including 120 hours of training, handouts, certificate, 10 hours of individual mentoring and 20 days of catering

R 15.000 (50% DISCOUNT: R 7.500), for 2nd participant from the same organisation, without additional mentoring hours

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

25 -29 April

15 - 19 June

14 - 18 September

9 - 13 November